Reasons to buy antique furniture by Saqib Soomro

There is a lot that has been said and written over the fact about antique furniture and their usage and stuff about their acquisitions. But there are a few main things that has been described by him that are far matter the most than any other when it comes to the reason of an individual buying the antique furniture.

Peer pressure

Peer pressure plays an important part in buying the furniture that is antique in nature. Peer pressure comes from many different types of mediums. From social gatherings to family get together.  It plays a vital part in molding a person’s mindset with the thought process that antique furniture should be bought. The main problem with this fact lies in that fact that a person isn’t able to get the antique furniture financially, his financial position may not be as sound as it should be but still he buys that furniture just to satisfy the hunger for peer pressure. He wants to be thought of at par with the rest of the world when it comes to furniture selling. That’s why he sacrifices his life time savings just to get himself seen as the person having the best antique furniture around.

Passion for history

Mr. Saqib Soomro suggested that another reason for a person wanting to buy the antique furniture is that fact that he wants to be seen as the collector in the items of history. The passion that a person hold in the heart for the antique furniture cannot be explained in words. It is as easy as it gets because the thing with having such a passion is that one must be rich in terms of the monetary value of his pocket. Passion of having a historic item as your owning it doesn’t have a clue as of what the thing with the fact that regardless of the substance having it inside but the problem lies because of the mediocre approach which usually costs a lot. So it is imperative that one must first make up the mind before getting himself such kind of item.


Showboating is another reason why people get the furniture of antique style for themselves. The thing associated with it is the fact that the world will be flabbergasted when seeing somebody when having antique furniture in his home, because mainly it is very expensive and only the person who has a certain amount of wealth and resources could afford it. Saqib Soomro said that this kind of thinking enables a person to spend more and more on getting himself the furniture he wants which is of antique type. Best way to go about it is throwing parties at the house and inviting the people to come and have a look at his furniture which would obviously increase his value in terms of his social status and social circle. These are the main reasons because of which people try to get themselves the furniture of antique sort.


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